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Amapogo Security Services staff are SIRA RegisStered and trained, screened and vetted before they are hired, each having to comply with a stringent set of standards, from general self-defense to fire arm control. Armed guards are skilled in their weaponry whilst other guards carry batons and pepper spray for added self-defense.

All guards are monitored and controlled by the control room and are in constant radio and cellphone communication with one and other with spot site inspections by our management team. All security offices are dropped off and collected ensuring punctuality. Amapogo are responsible for one of the largest cluster developments in the Northwest Rand. The area showed a decrease in crime since the inception of Amapogo in this area.

Over and above complying with labour laws and regulatory requirements, staff benefits include:

  • Workmen’s Compensation / Provident Funds
  • Overtime payment / Annual Bonuses
  • Motivational Incentives / Promotional

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